Louise (Garland) Emmet (1875-1947)

Mrs Louise (Garland) Emmet

Associated Houses

Warwick Priory


She was born in New York had two brothers, Charles and Jack Garland. Jack married Marie Tudor, "a not-so proper Bostonian" who was married seven times before being murdered by a jealous lover at the age of 75. Charles on the other hand married an English lady and built Moreton Hall in her native Warwickshire. Louise followed and she and her husband, Robert Emmet, lived at Warwick Priory while they built Moreton Paddox, the gatehouse of which was just a 100-yards from her brother's. One of the locals recalled, "the Emmets were very much liked by all their neighbours. They entertained pleasantly, without ostentation". They were the parents of four children.


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