Mildred Burrill Adams (d.1955)

Mrs Mildred (Adams) Hosmer, afterwards Kingsmill

Associated Houses

Charles R. Hosmer House


Oak Hill, Jessup


She grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, the daughter of the charismatic Orson Adams whose career came tumbling down in 1914 when he was sentenced to six years for embezzlement. In 1925, at Paris, Mildred married Elwood B. Hosmer of Montreal, who was some twenty years her senior. They divorced after just two years, without children. In 1938, at Oak Hill, then the home of "her uncle, Alvin P. Adams... Mrs Mildred Adams Hosmer of Denver" became the second wife of Harold Kingsmill, President of the Cero de Pasco Copper Corporation. They lived between Manhattan & Greenwich, Connecticut. After his death, she moved to Darien, Connecticut. She died at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. In her will, she named two nieces as her principal beneficiaries: Joan K. Pringle, who was a niece of her husband; and, one of her own nieces, Mrs William Foeppel of Greeley, Colorado. However, her financially-savvy brothers (Orson and Alvin P. Adams) contested the will and it the courts amended it in their favor. 
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Alvin P. Adams, Flashy Aviation Expert, dies at 90, The New York Times, October 13, 1996; Mrs M.A. Hosmer Wed, Bride in Baltimore of Harold Kingsmill, Copper Executive, The New York Times, November 3, 1938.