Ralph Beaver Strassburger (1883-1959)

Ralph B. Strassburger, Diplomat & Newspaper Owner

Associated Houses

Normandy Farm

Blue Bell

Singer Castle

Chippewa Bay

Villa Strassburger


He was born at Norristown, Pennsylvania, and educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy. He joined the diplomatic service and President Taft appointed him Consul-General and Secretary to the Embassies of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Later, he was appointed Second Secretary of the Embassy at Tokyo, Japan. After completing voluntary service in World War I with U.S. Naval Intelligence, he purchased and published the Norristown Times and the Norristown Herald. In 1923, he united the two to create the Norristown Times-Herald. In 1911, he married May Bourne, one of the Singer heiresses. They were married in England at West Wickham in Kent and afterwards took a Mercedes-Benz and drove around Normandy for their honeymoon, which sparked a lifelong passion for the area. They named their new home in Pennsylvania Normandy Farm and purchased two properties in the Deauville area, including Villa Strassburger. They well-known for thoroughbred racing and breeding, with many of their horses achieving worldwide success. They also kept a townhouse in Paris at 3 Avenue de Tourville (where Ralph died in 1957), a racing stables at Haras de Monceaux, and they co-owned the iconic Singer Castle
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