Solomon Davies Warfield (1859-1927)

S. Davies Warfield, of Baltimore, Maryland; Financier & Railroad President

He was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, and was the Duchess of Windsor's 'Uncle Sol'. During his early career he worked as a clerk to a sugar merchant before establishing the Warfield Manufacturing Company. From 1894 to 1905 he was Postmaster of Baltimore under Presidents Cleveland, McKinley and Roosevelt. He was best known as a financier and among others was President of the Continental Trust Company of Baltimore; the Baltimore Steam Packet Company; and, the Seaboard Air Line Railway. Among other companies, he was a director of the Mercantile Trust Company of New York; the New York Life Insurance Company; the Maryland Casualty Company; the Missouri Pacific Railroad; and, the Western Maryland Railroad. He organized and was the first President of the National Association of Owners of Railroad Securities, and was instrumental in draining the Florida Everglades to lay out rail tracks and was a pioneer in the development of the Susquehanna River as a source for producing electric power. 

He belonged to many clubs in both Baltimore and New York and he was among those men who brought Grand Opera to Baltimore. He also belonged to many societies including the American Geographic Society, the American Academy of Political & Social Science, the National Institute of Social Sciences, the Japan Society, the Italy-America Society, the Maryland Historical Society etc. He was unmarried and lived between 32 East Preston Street in Baltimore and "Manor Glen," eighteen miles outside of Baltimore. 
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Image Courtesy of Cecilia J. Hartman on Findagrave, from Men of Mark in Maryland