HouseHistree is a free website where we can all come together and “connect” with the houses and buildings that matter to us: Whether that’s because you just love the architecture, or because they're connected to you or your family’s history.

Whatever your reason, whatever your passion for whatever house or building it is, HouseHistree is where you can document your connection to your special places.

Founder & Principles

Picture of Mark Meredith

“I am a self-confessed genealogy and history nut. Countless times do I walk by a house, drive past a road sign or travel through a town and think… I love that house; that's where those ancestors lived; those are the gardens Great-Uncle Jim worked in; and, that’s where so-and-so studied”.

HouseHistree’s founder, Mark Meredith, is passionate about genealogy and the history of the places that surround him. Having spent twenty years in the building industry, he decided the time was right to blend his passions. Mark believed there were five principal benefits to this. To:

  • Provide a fresh and engaging way for people to expand on their own ancestral stories
  • Allow the present-day custodians to connect with their building’s “alumni”
  • Enable those with a shared love of a particular building to connect to each other
  • Support the preservation of buildings under threat and retain the memories of those lost
  • Help enrich the existing social histories of any structure for all to learn from or just enjoy.

And so, HouseHistree was born...

Technical Development

HouseHistree was developed by Sampo.