Every historic property has a myriad of human stories to tell. Whether these compelling structures are still standing or long since demolished, HouseHistree is the first website that allows you to share and discover your connections to any historic building put up before 1960. Our free community is open to all to enjoy.

By adding new property profiles or connecting to already featured houses, apartment blocks, hotels, museums, churches, monuments etc., our members play a vital role in shining a light on our cultural surroundings and enriching our knowledge of these architectural gems.

HouseHistree also provides its members with an opportunity to build and preserve their family trees, placing emphasis on the buildings in which they or their ancestors have lived, worked and/or studied.

Whether it’s for your love of genealogy, architecture, preservation, or history, HouseHistree enables you to share your stories about historic buildings, connect to others with a mutual love for the same properties, and learn more about the people and places that shape us.

Founder & Principles

Picture of Mark Meredith

HouseHistree’s founder, Mark Meredith, is passionate about preserving the heritage of historic buildings through the stories and characters that bring them to life. He counts himself as fortunate having grown up and lived in some beautiful old houses before spending twenty years working in the building industry which served to further fuel his passion.

It was during this time that Mark was lucky enough to encounter both extraordinary and everyday old properties, all with one thing in common: they were steeped in social history - either funny, moving, scary or fascinating - but all characterful and worthy of remembering.

As a keen genealogist in his own right, Mark decided to blend his two passions and create a website that enabled people to map out their family trees through the places that matter to them.

Mark believed there were five principal benefits to creating HouseHistree, which were to:

  • Provide a fresh and engaging way for people to expand on their own ancestral stories
  • Allow the present-day custodians to connect with their building’s “alumni”
  • Enable those with a shared love of a particular building to connect to each other
  • Support the preservation of old buildings under threat and retain the memories of those lost
  • Help enrich the existing social histories of old buildings for all to learn from or just enjoy.

And so, HouseHistree was born...

Technical Development

HouseHistree was developed by Sampo.