Bradley Martin Jr. (1873-1963)

Bradley Martin Jr., of New York City

He was educated privately in New York before entering Christ Church College, Oxford; and, Harvard Law School. He became an economist and was a director of the Standard Trust Co., the Van Norden Trust Co., the Hudson Trust Co., of New Jersey & the Nineteenth Ward Bank. He authored a number of well received articles on economics published in the Nineteenth Century Magazine, London. He listed his recreations as shooting, fishing, motoring, travelling and deer stalking. He was the owner of several sporting estates in Britain, including Fetteresso Castle. He belonged to the Union, Knickerbocker, Racquet, Manhattan, Metropolitan and Meadow Brook Clubs of New York; the St James, Bachelor, Hurlingham, Ranelagh and Hastings Clubs of London; and the Cirque de Bagatelle, L'Automobile de France and the Travellers Club of Paris. In 1904, at Beaufort Castle, he married Helen Margaret Phipps. 


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