Edmund Pendleton Rogers (1882-1966)

Edmund P. Rogers Jr., President of the Fulton Trust Co., New York

Associated Houses

Drayton House

Hyde Park

Crumwold Hall

Hyde Park

Frank H. Goodyear House


He graduated from Yale before becoming President of the Fulton Trust Company. He lived between New York City and Hyde Park in the Hudson Valley having grown up at Crumwold Hall that led to him becoming Franklin D. Roosevelt's "most enduring childhood friend". Through his brother, Herman, he became friends with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Simpson) and before they were married the Duke asked Herman to speak to Edmund about his thoughts on getting married at the Château de Candé as they were then personal friends of - and Edmund was financial advisor in New York to - its controversial owner, Charles Bedaux, the same man who arranged for the Windsors to meet Hitler on their tour of Nazi Germany.

Not long after the Windsors tour, the Rogers' denounced Bedaux to the American government as a Nazi collaborator and his former client was arrested in 1944 and put on trial for trading with the enemy and treason. Rogers was married twice: (1) Edith, daughter of Howard Elliott, of Boston, by whom he had two sons. After she died in childbirth in 1919 he married (2) In 1931, Dorothy, the widow of Frank H. Goodyear Jr., of Buffalo and they lived between New York City, Jekyll Island (Edmund was made a member in 1932), East Aurora on Long Island, and "Rye Patch" in Aiken, South Carolina, where they entertained the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1938 and again in the 1950s.


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