Frank Hatch Jones (1854-1931)

Assistant Postmaster-General, Banker & Lawyer of Chicago

He was born at Griggsville in Pike County, Illinois. After graduating from Yale (1875) he studied law and on being admitted to the Bar (1879) quickly gained a reputation for himself as, "an able lawyer and an eloquent speaker". As a member of the Democratic Party he was elected to Legislature in 1890 and served a term in the General Assembly (1891) representing the Springfield District. He was President of the League of Democratic Clubs in Illinois and First Assistant Postmaster-General (1893 to 1897) under Grover Cleveland. He afterwards came to Chicago to resume his legal career and in 1901 was appointed Secretary of the Continental & Commercial Bank. He was married twice: (1) In 1882, he married Sarah, daughter of Jacob Bunn, President of the Illinois Watch Company. She died in 1892 (2) On July 4th, 1912, at the bride's summer home in Cobourg, Ontario, he married Nellie, the only daughter of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and the widow of British diplomat Algernon Sartoris. They lived at 1130 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. He died without children by either marriage. 


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