John Gamble (1755-1811)

M.D., of Kingston, Upper Canada; Surgeon to the Queen's Rangers

He was born at Duross, near Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Physic and Surgery. During the American Revolution in 1779 he was posted to New York as Assistant-Surgeon to the British Military Hospital before joining the Queen's Rangers. In 1784, at Maugerville, New Brunswick, he married Isabella Elizabeth Clarke, daughter of Joseph and Isabella (Alleyne) Clarke. From 1802, they lived at Kingston in Upper Canada. They were the parents of thirteen children of whom ten reached adulthood: (1) Isabella, married Robert Charles Horne (2) Mary Ann, first wife of Lt.-Col. John Sutherland Sinclair, father of the 16th Earl of Caithness (3) Sarah, married James Geddes (4) Leah, married William Allan of Moss Park, Toronto (5) John William Gamble, married Mary Macaulay (6) Jane, married Benjamin Whitney (7) Rachel, married Sir James Buchanan Macaulay, brother of Mary (8) William, married Elizabeth Brenchley, niece of Field Marshal Sir William Rowan (9) Catherine, married Thomas William Birchall (10) Clarke, married first Mary Sayre Boulton who grew up at The Grange and secondly her first cousin, Harriet Boulton
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