Robert Gould Shaw (1776-1853)

Robert Gould Shaw, Merchant, of Boston, Massachusetts

He was born at Gouldsborough, Maine, which although founded by his father and grandfather, also left the family financially ruined. He went to Boston in about 1789 and worked in his uncle William's business before setting up on his own account and investing heavily in land in Maine. By 1825, he had a net worth of $1 million and it was estimated that during his lifetime he gave away $400,000 to various charitable causes. By 1851, his fortune was estimated at $1.5-million. In the early 1800s he lived for several years in London before making his home on Beacon Street, Boston. In 1809, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Parkman and they were the parents of 10-children (listed) who survived infancy.
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