Robert Livingston (1708-1790)

Robert Livingston, 3rd and last Lord of Livingston Manor, New York

He owned what was referred to as the "Upper Manor" (Clermont, built by his first cousin Judge Robert Livingston was referred to as the "Lower Manor") which ran from the Hudson River east to the Massachusetts Line. After his death this was divided up between his children into several "Great Lots". The "Upper Manor Livingstons" were described as "Opportunists in Politics" and were distrusted by Governor Clinton during the Revolution but later entered into an alliance with Clinton's Republicans from 1792 to 1798, becoming staunch Federalists. He and his wife were the parents of thirteen children, eight of whom (listed above) lived to adulthood. He curtailed the inheritance of his eldest son, Peter, and gave him The Hermitage. Other houses built by his sons on the former Manor of Livingston included Teviotdale and Oak Hill.


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Columbia Rising: Civil Life on the Upper Hudson from the Revolution to the Age of Jackson (2013) by John L. Brooke