Susan Noland Haxall (b.1877)

Mrs Susan Noland (Haxall) Frost

In Thomas M. Daniel's book on Susan's husband (referenced below), he writes: "Susan Haxall was... a woman with a strong sense of justice and moral obligation. In about 1910, a white man was murdered at Middleburg. A crippled, African-American man was convicted of the crime and sentenced to be executed. Tension in the community was high: the African-American population was sure of his innocence, and Susan found their arguments convincing. She travelled to Richmond, the state capital, and obtained a pardon of the convicted man from the governor. Later the actual killer was apprehended and convicted. The members of the local African-American Baptist church gave Susan a mahogany table to express their gratitude."
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Wade Hampton Frost: Pioneer Epidemiologist 1880-1938, by Thomas M. Daniel (2004)