David Greenough (1774-1836)

Builder & Real Estate Developer, of Boston, Massachusetts

He was born at Welfleet, Massachusetts, and after losing his father at the age of seven was placed under the guardianship of his father's half-brother, David Stoddard Greenough. He became a builder and a real estate developer in Boston, working with the architect Charles Bulfinch among others. He also invested in shipbuilding and in a cotton mill in Clinton and died at Boston with real estate valued at $149,000 and personal effects valued at $10,017. He married Elisabeth Bender and their portraits were painted by Gilbert Stuart. They had 11-children and all four of their sons were either artists or sculptors, notably "America's first Sculptor" Horatio Greenough


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Image Courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library, incorrectly identified as a picture of David Stoddard Greenough