George Lockhart Rives (1849-1917)

George L. Rives, of New York; U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

He was born in New York City and graduated in law from both Columbia College and Trinity College, Cambridge in England. He became President of the Commission to revise the Greater New York Charter in 1900; Trustee of the New York Public Library; and, President of the Board of Governors of New York Hospital. During the Presidency of Grover Cleveland he was U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. His townhouse in Manhattan is today the Greek Consulate General and he kept a country home in Dutchess County, New York. He married twice and had two sons and a daughter. His second wife, Sarah Whiting, had previously been briefly - and disastrously - married to Oliver H.P. Belmont who later married Mrs Alva Vanderbilt


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