Harriette (Warren) Goelet (1854-1912)

Mrs Harriet Louise (Warren) Goelet

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Robert Goelet House

591 Fifth Avenue

She was a great-granddaughter of one of New York's first five millionaires, Stephen Whitney. She was an artist in her own right and the elder sister of the architects Whitney Warren (of Warren & Wetmore) and Lloyd Elliot Warren, founder of the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design in New York City. Her younger sister, Edith, was the mother of the eccentric Lady Queenborough. In 1879, Harriette was married from her family home at 520 Fifth Avenue to real estate heir Robert Goelet III. In 1906, she and a party of her friends witnessed the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy from aboard her yacht, Nahma. She and Robert had two children, but she was survived by only her son, Bertie. She died at her home in Paris, 46 Avenue d'IĆ©na, leaving a fortune of $40 million. 


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