George Opdyke (1773-1851)

George Opdycke/Opdyke, of Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

He was the eldest son of "Squire Opdycke". It was said of him: "He was a man of contented disposition, took keen interest in passing events but had no desire to become active in public affairs. He was held in unqualified respect by his neighbors, who said that he, 'knew more than all the schoolmasters'. He stood six feet in height, weighed 180 pounds and was a man of impressive appearance. He inherited the old red house (see picture) in which he was born and there he lived a quiet, peaceful life. In 1793, he enrolled in the Hunterdon Militia, and at Kingwood he served as school trustee, assessor, overseer of the poor, and as a member of the Grand Jury". He married Mary Stout and they had 10-children, including George Opdyke, Mayor of New York City. 
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Image showing "the old red house" in which George was born, lived and died.