James William Paul (1816-1897)

James W. Paul Sr., Attorney, of Philadelphia

He was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (1834). He served for a record 65-years at the Bar of Philadelphia where he was remembered as, "a lawyer of distinction". His office was at 220 South Fourth Street that had once been the home of Peggy Shippen, wife of the traitorous Benedict Arnold. He was a co-founder of the Union Club (The Union League) and socialized within the circle of Horace Binney, John Sergeant, William M. Meredith, St. George Tucker Campbell and Judge Cadwalader. He married Hannah Clement Bunker whose family were Hugeuenots and family name had been "Bonne Coeur". They were the parents of three children, notably Mary, the wife of William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor. 


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