John Barry Ryan Jr. (1900-1966)

John Barry Ryan Jr., of Moorland Farm, Newport, Rhode Island

He was born in New York, the grandson and co-heir of Thomas Fortune Ryan. He started his career as a reporter for two Philadelphia papers and for the Newport Ledger. In 1930, Ryan founded the Newark Free Press and became co-owner of the New Jersey Freie Zeitung, a German-language paper in Newark. During World War II, he was Vice-Chairman of Civil Defence at Newport. His professional career began to taper off as he and his wife became more involved with the international jet set. In 1928, he married his childhood friend Nin Kahn, daughter and heiress of "Mr Monopoly" Otto Kahn, in "a simple wedding in her parents' New York winter home".

The Ryans entertained their friend Winston Churchill on the French Riviera and lent their Newport estate to another British Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, who was convalescing in the States after a bout of surgery. The Ryans were regular faces at various society events and as the owners of a stable of racehorses were often seen on the turf. Ryan died at his home, Moorland Farm, survived by his wife and two children: John Barry Ryan III, husband of D.D. Ryan, editor for Harper's Bazaar; and, Virginia, Countess Ogilvy. 
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