Joséphine (LeBel) Knight (1877-1936)

Mrs Marie-Louise-Joséphine (LeBel) Knight

Associated Houses

Clarendon Court


She was born at Quebec. She survived her husband and died at their home, Stonybrook, in Newport. The bulk of her estate was left to the Newport Hospital and the Mercy Home. She also left $3,000 each to Colin Perry, butler; Herbert Trimble, gardener; and Joseph Luce, a laborer; and $1,000 to Catherine Medrow, another employee. The income from her trust was divided equally between her brother, Louis P. LeBel of Gladstone, Michigan; and, her sister Claire A. LeBel of Manchester, New Hampshire. What remained was to be divided between her husband's two grandchildren, Baroness Pierre C. deSibert of Geneva, Switzerland, & the former Clara Knight of Paris. 


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Image Courtesy of Findagrave volunteer, Doc Wilson; The Newport Mercury and Weekly News (Newport, Rhode Island) November 27, 1936