Millicent (Zelenka) Carey (b.c.1935)

Mrs Millicent (Zelenka) Hancock, Carey

Associated Houses

Winfield Hall

Glen Cove

Seaview Terrace


She was the daughter of the head of the accounting department of Metro‐Goldwyn‐Mayer studios. Her first marriage to Dr Hancock in New York ended in divorce. At the time of her second marriage to Martin T. Carey in 1971, she was Director of Nursing at Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital. They had one daughter, Mrs Denise Bettencourt. According to the New York Times in 1975, her husband's business included, "seeking out undervalued properties in outlying areas for restoration and redevelopment". They based themselves in an apartment on the upper east Side in Manhattan and their first purchase was a 22-room house in Lloyd's Harbor, Long Island. In 1974, they bought Seaview Terrace in Newport and added Winfield Hall at Glencove the following year. They have often been critized for not maintaining them.
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