Oliver DeLancey (1750-1820)

Oliver DeLancey, of West Farms, Westchester Co., New York

He was a Lieutenant in the British Navy but resigned his commission during the Revolution as he was unwilling to take up arms against his fellow countrymen. On his father's death in 1770, he and his brother, James, purchased the family property and flour mills in Westchester County. James was the High Sheriff of the county but was a Loyalist during the Revolution and after the war resettled in Nova Scotia, presumably selling his share of West Farms to Oliver. In about 1800, Oliver made what his family referred to as, "a foolish and disagreeable marriage" to a local girl seventeen years his junior They had six children: (1) Elizabeth (2) Julia, Mrs Daniel J. Coster (3) Susan (4) William A. (5) John (6) Oliver, died without issue in 1819.


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