William Byrd II (1674-1744)

William Evelyn Byrd II, President of the Virginia Governor's Council

Associated Houses

Westover Plantation

Charles City

He is considered to be the founder of Richmond, Virginia. He was educated in England and studied law at the Middle Temple in London. Returning to America, he took a prominent role in public affairs. He became the Receiver-General for Virginia and for three successive terms was appointed Public Agent to the Court and Ministry of England where he was an influential member of the King's Council before being elected President of the Council. He married twice. His first wife, Lucy, was a daughter of Col. Daniel Parke, of Surrey, Governor of the Leeward Islands. They had 4-children, only one of whom (Wilhelmina) lived to adulthood. His second wife was Maria, daughter of Thomas Taylor, and they had 4-children who all lived to adulthood.
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Image Courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society