Alice (Gwynne) Vanderbilt (1845-1934)

Mrs Alice Claypoole (Gwynne) Vanderbilt

Associated Houses

The Breakers


George J. Gould Mansion

857 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1867, she married Cornelius Vanderbilt II who she met while they were both teaching Sunday School. When she died, she left an estate valued at $15 million which contained some $10 million in cash. Her primary beneficiary was her daughter Gladys. Gladys received The Breakers in Newport and her townhouse at 857 Fifth Avenue in New York. Gladys also received a trust fund of $5 million and the string of pearls for which Alice was famous for wearing. Lastly, she received about $3 million from the original $7 million trust fund that Alice's husband had left her. Alice's only surviving son to whom she had not spoken to for 27-years (Neily), was given The Gwynne Building in Cincinnati and a $1 million trust fund while a $1.5 million trust fund was left to her two grand-daughters (Reggie's children), Cathleen and Gloria. Various relatives, servants and charities received smaller bequests.
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